Finding a Student’s Certificate

In the form fields below these instructions, do the following to find a student’s certificate:

  1. Enter the student’s last name
  2. Enter the student’s birth date
  3. Enter the last 4 digits of the student’s SSN
  4. Click “Lookup”
  5. The student’s training history will be displayed.
  6. Click “View Certificate” or “View Letter” beside the desired course.

CONNOR Institute will no longer be providing public classes to individuals.

Going forward, we will only teach and schedule private classes of groups of 10 per class at Clarkview Road or up to 20 at the clients facility. The pricing will be $2250.00 per day for (10) class and $4500.00 per day for class of (11-20). Click the button below to schedule a group training.


Looking to obtain prior certificates?. Click here.