About Us

Training in lead-based paint, asbestos awareness, mold remediation/awareness and compliance with state and federal regulations.

CONNOR Institute is a leading service provider in the environmental disciplines of lead, asbestos and mold.

We have trained over 21,000 students in the last 10 years all over the country and believe that education directly correlates to compliance. Our company provides training on environmental hazards, such as lead-based paint, asbestos, moisture infiltration and mold remediation, as well as staying in compliance with state and federal regulations.

We have a gifted staff of accredited and experienced instructors who ensure that the information and technical training students receive is accurate and specific to their concerns. Our instructors have experience in the construction, conservation, management and military fields. This high quality of instruction and commitment to excellence has made CONNOR Institute one of the top training providers nationwide.

Keep Your Training Up To Date

CONNOR Institute is always striving to make our trainings the most informative and beneficial they can be. We are consistently keeping up to date on any changes in regulations and educating our new and existing students. Our information reaches our students via our periodic Educational Updates online newsletters, as well as updates on our social media pages. We also send out expiration notices in the form of physical mailers as reminders to take refresher training to stay in compliance. We communicate with regulatory agencies when necessary to obtain clarification of regulations/rules.

EPA Certified Renovator

We teach an EPA approved course, EPA Certified Renovator where students will learn to comply with the RRP, Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule and HUD Lead-Safe Housing Rule. They will learn to work safely with lead-based paint and how to perform lead-safe work practices in pre-1978 housing and pre-1978 child-occupied facilities. Hands on activities include using an EPA Approved test kit and a cleaning verification card.

We also teach an MDE approved course, Maryland Maintenance and Repainting Supervisor course to satisfy training requirements for the state. We go over the dangers of lead exposure, controlling lead exposure and lead-safe work practices. This class offers 4 hours of hands on training, which includes a group planning activity and setting up a containment area. We offer an Are You in Compliance class, which is aimed towards owners and property managers on how to stay in compliance with state and federal regulations. Special emphasis is placed on common errors encountered in complying with lead regulations and suggested corrective measure that could be taken.

Our Facility

The majority of our classes are conducted at our training facility in Baltimore, MD. We have a 2,750 square foot training facility that provides adequate space for classroom style learning, as well as hands on training. Besides in house training, CONNOR Institute offers private classes at remote locations nationwide. These classes are designed for companies with more than 10 employees to be trained at the same location.


Our course registration is user-friendly and is conducted completely online. We have a large database of students and store training certificates for up to five years. A student can obtain that information at any time at no extra cost.

This includes course completion certificates, letters of completion with exam scores, copies of the tests, evaluations, sign in sheets and related hands on paperwork. If a student has misplaced a certificate, they can easily contact us to send out a duplicate.


CONNOR Institute is a division of CONNOR, a national real estate due diligence company, which offers comprehensive lead-based paint testing, consulting and risk assessments. Compliance assistance visits are available for those property owners and managers who would like peace of mind regarding state and federal regulatory compliance.